The Victory Seed

We cannot let yesterday's red tape prevent us from solving today's problems.

As an example, Wyoming just passed a law allowing farmers and ranchers to bypass the USDA to sell directly to you, the consumer effective immediately. This was unthinkable before the virus, meat shortages, and economic collapse. But things are different now. There is political willpower to accomplish what must be done for our living freedoms where before there was complacency. Together, you and I can empower individuals, county and state governments to work together for our collective good.

We cannot depend on the federal government to save us--we must leverage our counties and states to establish laws to ensure food can move from producers to the public and protect the food security of our community.

Here are some examples of recent laws that move the needle in the right direction. You don't even have to be a lawyer to read them:

Wyoming HB0155, mentioned above, defines "animal shares" and excludes them from regulation

full bill text

2020 South Dakota HB1235 (proposed): strikes former language requiring vaccines for admission to schools, and replaces it with language forbidding such requirements!

full bill text